Case study

Office Refurbishment Case Study

VetCT‘s aim is to deliver trusted veterinary knowledge, support and reassurance to all vets. This is done with the use of teleconsulting, teleradiology, and educational support service.

The ​​Problem

VetCT felt that it had outgrown its office space and was looking to relocate following the pandemic. Even though its office was located in the well-known incubator in the Cambridge Science Innovation Park, they felt isolated from university life. They wanted the new office to be located close to the University Hub and Veterinary School.

Post-Covid, VetCT realised that its office needed to be repurposed to suit the company’s new ethos with regards to home working. With the company transitioning into being more flexible with staff working from home, they knew the office space could be utilised differently in order to reflect this.


The Solution

A large office space was secured in central Cambridge on the West Campus, Hauser Forum, with the vet school close by. We discussed with VetCT how best to move forward with creating an office space that suits the homeworking friendly feel they were looking for. The office space needed to be a place where staff members could share ideas, be creative, mentor and coach. The office also needed to be somewhere that new staff members can be onboarded comfortably and effectively.


Phil, the Optrys designer, worked alongside the client until a design was achieved that fit the client’s specifications with the right amount of breakout areas, meeting spaces, and desk areas.

Mark, the Director of Optrys, took time out to accompany VetCT staff members to London where they visited showrooms to guide VetCT when selecting furniture. Mark provided VetCT with his expert opinion with regards to how to buy top-quality items in the most cost-effective way.



Their new office features a large breakout area, a relaxation room where staff members can take part in yoga exercises, a modern and inviting board room, and a top-end video conferencing room. The office also features multiple sitting areas, suitable for people to work, collaborate and exchange ideas. This has been achieved by minimising solid walls and adding spaces to encourage communication like Booths. 

It was important to VetCT that its carbon footprint is low. This is why UK-sourced, sustainable materials were used for the furniture and fit out. To re-enforce the company’s message of sustainability, we installed a large green wall by the entrance of the office. Multiple recycling bins have also been placed around the office for plastic cans, glass and paper. 


Julien Labruyére, Director and Owner of VetCT, was more than happy with the results, he said:


I particularly appreciate Optrys wider contact to recommend other companies that could help us for tasks they did not do like setup the IT side of things, it was helpful to work with a company that is well known in the Cambridge area. 

“The entire project management on Optrys side was under the supervision of Julia who did a fantastic job of coordination. It was a real pleasure to work with all of them!

“At VetCT, in a post-COVID world, an office is no longer a space where work “gets done”, but rather a space where a sense of community is shared, where innovation happens and where the values of the company are exchanged. Optrys has really helped us translate our vision to create and design a unique and innovative workplace. Thank you to the entire Optrys team!”

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