Case study

Medical Technology Fit Out Case Study

Cydar are a medical technology company based in Cambridgeshire.They connect physicians with the latest digital technology solutions in hospital operating theatres.


Based in a beautiful former watermill the company contacted Optrys as they wanted to renovate their office space. They approached us to provide the expertise to design, project manage and implement the renovation.

Project Outline

The brief was to refurbish and install a modern infrastructure within their iconic office space to create a professional but informal style for employees that created the right image for clients and investors.


Optrys performed a space and usage requirement analysis to match the team’s requirements with the adaptions required to the building to balance the heating, cooling, cabling and acoustic requirements.


The office was designed to include offices of different sizes as well as a breakout space with a large informal seating bench designed to be an area to share ideas. The office would be fitted with new contemporary furniture to match the design.

Changes To The Office

The management of the project during the changes was key.


The scale of the renovation meant that there were several different tasks to be managed as part of a rolling refurbishment to allow the offices to remain open throughout the process.

  • Knocking down and rebuilding internal walls
  • Installing new cabling and communications infrastructure
  • Delivery and installation of new furniture
  • Installing new flooring


Optrys project managed the implementation of the renovation every step of the way, liaising with the Cydar team to track progress against the project plan and managing staff during the rolling refurbishment.


Renovating a historic building was an exciting challenge to maintain the historic setting whilst creating a modern and informal office space with a modern infrastructure.


Despite the complexity and challenges, the project was delivered on time and on budget.


By analysing the needs of the client and creating a design that balanced this with the available space Optrys were able to design and implement a highly successful renovation that exceeded the client’s expectations.


James Gough from Cydar praised the support and guidance that Optrys provided as well as the professional approach to managing the project and would “highly recommend Optrys to anyone considering renovating or moving offices”.


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We would highly recommend Optrys to anyone considering renovating or moving offices

James Gough, Cydar