Case study

Technology Fit Out Case Study

Springboard create and develop new types of technology from their based just outside Cambridge.


They recently wanted to move into their own office space for the first time and wanted a professional and welcoming space that combined an office environment with an active laboratory.


After speaking with two other companies Springboard chose to work with Optrys due to the guidance provided during the quotation process, combined with timely communication and support.

Project Outline

The move from a shared managed office into their own space close by was the first time the Springboard team had been involved in a project move. This meant that Optrys provided guidance, design and project management every step of the way.


We took care to ensure that we provided non-technical explanations to the challenges and design decisions that had to be made so that the Springboard team could get the maximum benefit from being able to shape every aspect of their office space.

Designing An Office From Scratch

Optrys project managed the implementation of the design and liaised with the client to keep them aware of progress against the project plan. This included managing the process of cost variations from the original quotes due to design amendments and troubleshooting any teething problems.

  • Installation of communication infrastructure
  • Planning the space for office and laboratory uses
  • Designing the entry management system requirements
  • Designing and building the internal wall layout and floorpan
  • Installing new vinyl flooring
  • Managing the decorating contractor


An Exciting Challenge

Moving to a new office where you have a blank canvas is an exciting challenge. One area we enjoyed problem solving for Springboard was balancing the different use requirements between the office, meeting and laboratory spaces.


This required a need to design the space to manage the different acoustics and bring in experts to analyse and upgrade the space to ensure no sound escaped areas where sensitive information may be discussed.


Due to our planning and design implementation we were delighted to be able to help Springboard move into their purpose appropriate office on budget and on time whilst creating a professional and welcoming environment for employees and clients.


David Foster from Springboard praised Optrys for the excellence in our design and delivery of the project. Particularly our design guidance, communication, troubleshooting, flexibility and willingness to find the right solution for the task at hand.

We would like to praise Optrys for the excellence in design and delivery of the project. Particularly design guidance, communication, troubleshooting, flexibility and willingness to find the right solution for the task at hand.

David Foster, Springboard