CMR Surgical

Case study

Office Refurbishment Case Study

CMR Surgical has a mission to bring the benefits of minimal access surgery to everyone who needs it. The team has become a pioneering force in the industry, launching the Versius surgical robot solution to address the huge unmet need.

The ​​Problem

With changing work practices, which have accelerated due to covid, more people are using online video call software such as Teams to communicate with colleagues working from home. This caused an unnecessary level of disruption in the office, which CMR were keen to remove. 


As a result, CMR Surgical needed more small meeting rooms for people to have their calls without disrupting colleagues.

The Solution

Small acoustic booths were proposed to reduce the impact of noisy virtual meetings. 


Optrys procured the booths and arranged the installment of four four-person booths and two two-person units. We ensured that we communicated well with CMR throughout the planning stages right up to installation, to be absolutely clear on what they wanted.


The booths have gone down extremely well with the CMR staff members, to the extent that it is often difficult to find a free one on a standard working day!


The units are also well fitted and stylish, enhancing the overall look and feel of the office. 


Richard Baldry, Facilities Lead at CMR, was extremely happy with what Optrys delivered: 

“I’d recommend the booths as a stylish, practical small private and meeting room solution. Optrys managed the installation and follow-up processes well.”



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